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LearningCulture – the individual route to learning success.

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Every day we help school students attain their aims. Perhaps it’s for their next test at school, or preparation for the entrance exam for high school or vocational secondary school. We provide effective tuition, reasonably priced group courses and learning guidance to help each student develop to his or her full potential.

Personal approach

Each student has his or her own individual experience of school, which is why our tuition takes conscious account of the individual circumstances and problems of everyone we support.


The success of tuition is highly dependent on the tutor. So we choose the best coaches, with emphasis on their higher professional development, their education and their instinctive feel for teaching.


Whether the aim is to achieve better marks at school or success in a grammar school exam, together we will set targets and take a structured approach to them.

Private tuition

We provide individual tuition at every educational level. This ranges from regular support in everyday school life, through preparation for entrance examinations, up to help with the school leaving certificate and on to bachelor’s and master’s degree studies. The personal coach ensures that the student attains his or her aims, and the pattern of tuition provided can be adapted exactly as required.

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Exam preparation courses

In these courses small groups work specifically towards a grammar school or vocational secondary school entrance or leaving examination; learning methodology is also included alongside examination preparation. A clearly defined timetable enables students to benefit from the structure necessary for proper exam preparation.

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Our Philosphy

We take pride in tailoring our lessons individually to the students, remaining flexible and competent teaching. Above all, however, our aim is to help our students gain self-confidence as quickly as possible, to have pleasure in learning and thus to experience success. To achieve this, we invest a lot in the recruitment of outstanding teachers, their further education and the teaching materials used. Appreciation, trust and openness are key values at LearningCulture which are not only emphasised within our own team, but also in our relationship with you.

Our coaches

If there’s one reason for working with us, it’s that we have the best coaches.

Dr. Manuel Bollag


Mr Bollag studied history and subsequently took a doctorate; he is currently training at the University of Zürich to become a grammar school teacher. He is highly thought of by students, their parents and the LearningCulture team alike for his pleasant, professional nature. Alongside his teaching and advisory work at LearningCulture Mr Bollag is a passionate tennis player and also gives tennis lessons.

Experience since:



German, French, English

Muriel Camenzind


Mrs Camenzind took her master’s degree in biology and geography at the University of Zürich. She has been a qualified grammar school teacher since 2004. Since that time she has supported numerous students on their way through grammar school still looks forward to the challenge again every time. Mrs Camenzind’s favourite way of rounding off the day is to settle down with a riveting book.

Experience since:



math, chemistry, biology

Prof. Dr. Karl Frei


Karl Frei joined the LearningCulture Team as a coach recently, after he retired. With more than 30 years’ experience in research and teaching he is one of our most experienced tutors. The many real-life examples of application he has gathered enable him to teach different types of teaching content in a particularly vivid and fascinating way.

Experience since:



math, chemistry, biology

Marie-Anne Dinser

Lic. Phil.

Mrs Dinser first gave private tuition at the age of 17. This teaching gave rise to a passion she still nurtures today. She studied Romance languages and literature at the University of Zürich, and subsequently went on to train as a grammar school teacher. Nowadays she concentrates chiefly on providing individual tuition to help students prepare for important examinations or the move to grammar school.

Experience since:



German, French, English

Marc Barben


Mr Barben is one of the coaches we recommend particularly for aspiring students of maths and physics. He took his master’s degree in environmental sciences at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zürich. This friendly coach who is full of life quickly builds up a good rapport with his students. To strike a balance with his intensive intellectual work, Mr Barben does a lot of sport. You will tend to find him either in the forest jogging or at a kung fu tournament.

Experience since:



math, physics

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