LearningCulture - Success in School Through Self-Confidence

LearningCulture was founded in 2013 as a classic student tutoring institute and has successfully guided over 400 students through school and university exams. Through a continuous expansion of the offered services and the staff, LearningCulture now offers additional possibilities for helping students reach their goals besides tutoring and group courses. These include school and learning counselling, coaching and targeted preparation for exams.

In a positive atmosphere and under the guidance of motivated coaches, the students learn for their education and good grades, but above all for themselves and for their own goals.  

The Principles of LearningCulture  

Our learning culture is based on the highest principles - because education and learning are part of our life philosophy. We view education as an important privilege, which is why we ourselves keep learning on a continuous level as well. And we take care of the further development of our coaches too.

We want to pass this willingness to learn on to our students. We show them how they can reach their goals through self-reliant learning. This strengthens their self-confidence and they find joy in new skills and knowledge.

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Pedagogical Direction

While our coaches provide high-quality lessons and ensure the students’ learning success, our team works on the course contents and teaching schedules in the background and makes sure that everything runs smoothly.
Pedagogic Director  Balz Müller

Balz Müller

Pedagogic Director

Balz Müller studied German and history and received the teaching diploma for grammar schools at the University of Bern. With his years of experience as a teacher and principal at large private schools (Lyceum Alpinum and the Montana Zugerberg Institute), he supports the LearningCulture team in the triangle of student – coach – parents in an optimal way.

Besides his position as a pedagogic director and supervisor of our coaches, Mr. Müller still enjoys teaching actively and tries to exercise daily to achieve the right balance.

Pedagogic Co-Director Nicole Rüede

Nicole Rüede

Pedagogic Co-Director

After a career in sales and years of working as a tutor on the side, Nicole Rüede decided to turn her passion into a job. That’s why she studied at the Pedagogic University of Applied Sciences FHNW and obtained her bachelor’s as a primary teacher. For 8 years, she worked as a class teacher and specialist teacher in English at the middle level and still prepares classes for the transfer to the upper level and for the transfer exam.

As pedagogic director, Ms. Rüede is responsible for the courses for students visiting the long versions of the Swiss grammar school. In addition, she supports other coaches in issues around the pedagogic primary school area.

Accredited Psychologist Michaela Veigl

Michaela Veigl

Accredited Psychologist
Michaela Veigls educational path lead from infant pedagogics to studies of psychology at the University of Vienna, with majors in developmental psychology and clinical psychology. She then worked with children, youth and young adults with different physical and mental impairments at university clinics in Austria and Switzerland. Over the last years, she started specializing in the areas of neuropsychology and learning guidance.

Management and Secretariat

Managing Director Daniel Meile

Daniel Meile

Managing Director

With his philosophy of mutual respect Mr Meile has created a very pleasant business culture. His office is open to any colleague who might want to offer praise or criticism. Only at lunchtime should he not be disturbed: this is when he allows himself 15 minutes’ peace each day for an uninterrupted powernap.

Customer Care Sarah Frei

Sarah Frei

Customer Care

Our highest priority is to ensure customer satisfaction. Mrs Frei takes care of this herself. Although it may be difficult to reach us on the telephone during office hours, it’s not uncommon for Mrs Frei in her enthusiasm to respond to your inquiry in the late evening or on a Saturday.

Sekretariat Kristin Hollenstein

Kristin Hollenstein


Als Expertin von unserem Angebot berät Kristin Hollenstein Sie telefonisch oder auch gerne persönlich vor Ort. Zwar ist unsere telefonische Erreichbarkeit auf Bürozeiten beschränkt, aber es wäre kein Einzelfall, wenn Frau Hollenstein selbst am späten Abend Ihre Anfrage beantwortet.

Sekretariat Andrea Bernardelli

Andrea Bernardelli


Mit grossem Elan kümmert sich Andrea Bernardelli um unsere Privatnachhilfe-Anfragen. Individuelle Programme, spezifische Zeiten und konkrete Anforderungen an den Coach, das alles ist für Frau Bernardelli kein Problem. Sie findet für jeden Kunden den passenden Coach. 

Kommunikation Alexander Werder

Alexander Werder


Wenn Sie Rechtschreibfehler auf dieser Website finden, machen Sie sich keine Sorgen: nicht unsere Deutschlehrer sind dafür verantwortlich, es geht alles auf die Kappe von Benjamin Layer. Er ist bei LearningCulture für Texte und Kommunikation zuständig.

Coach Jodok Vieli

Jodok Vieli

Jodok Vieli studiert Informatik und ist seit 2014 als Coach für Mathematik und Informatik bei LearningCulture tätig. Sein erstes Programm hat er mit 17 Jahren geschrieben, seither hat ihn die Begeisterung fürs Programmieren nicht mehr losgelassen. Er ist davon überzeugt, dass jeder ein wenig programmieren können sollte. "Auch wer nur mit den grundlegenden Konzepten vertraut ist, sieht die Welt mit anderen Augen."