Learning Culture: With Passion and Focus

LearningCulture stands for education of the highest quality. Because for us, learning doesn’t just mean studying material for the next exam and then forgetting it again. Learning is a life philosophy for us. A learning culture is the joy of discovering something new and of improving one’s own abilities. A person living in accordance with a learning culture takes responsibility for his or her own success, sets personal goals and works towards achieving them.

A learning culture means taking the initiative and not waiting for others to change the world.

We want to share this learning culture with our students and also their parents. Together we work on achieving success and good grades.  

The Basics of Our Learning Culture

Learning as a life philosophy

Learning is a burdensome obligation? We see this differently: Learning is an opportunity, a privilege, it is enjoyable and an important tool for success.

We impart this way of thinking to our students, but also exemplify it ourselves: Our team and our coaches continuously and enthusiastically develop themselves further. On pedagogical topics, but also in related areas like coaching and psychology.

Recognition and Self-Confidence

Every student is an individual human being with certain skills and a special personality. We show them how they can utilise their specific capabilities and dispositions to reach their personal goals. In this way, we increase their trust in their own talents.

Self-responsibility and initiative

When students start taking responsibility for their success, they learn more easily and effectively and gain a new appreciation for the school knowledge and for reaching goals.

We help children and youth in setting their own goals, to work towards them and to gain self-confidence from reaching those goals.

Successful together

Teamwork makes tutoring even better. Because the students‘ educational performances are influenced by many persons: Teachers, parents, friends, tutors and of course the students themselves. We achieve the highest levels of success when everyone pulls together and communicates in an open and direct way.

Learning With a Pedagogic Concept

It doesn’t matter which of our coaches your child works with: They are all excellent coaches and persons with their own personal teaching histories. In addition, every one of them is proficient in and exemplifies the learning concept of LearningCulture.

Because learning requires concept.

The cornerstones of our lessons

The teaching concept of LearningCulture is based on target orientation, openness, respect and motivation. Besides the students’ knowledge, their self-confidence is the main contributing factor for their success in school.

Pedagogical Direction

Two persons are especially responsible for the pedagogic orientation of LearningCulture: Balz Müller and Nicole Rüede. Both have extensive teaching experience and pedagogic competency. Together they form the pedagogic leadership and are therefore responsible for the development and realization of our pedagogic concept.

In addition, they create our lesson plans, choose and accompany coaches, support the development of course materials and develop our coaches in internal training courses.      

Simply put: They create learning culture.

Pedagogical Direction

Pedagogic Director  Balz Müller

Balz Müller

Pedagogic Director

Balz Müller studied German and history and received the teaching diploma for grammar schools at the University of Bern. With his years of experience as a teacher and principal at large private schools (Lyceum Alpinum and the Montana Zugerberg Institute), he supports the LearningCulture team in the triangle of student – coach – parents in an optimal way.

Besides his position as a pedagogic director and supervisor of our coaches, Mr. Müller still enjoys teaching actively and tries to exercise daily to achieve the right balance.

Pädagogische Leiterin Daniela Spälti

Daniela Spälti

Pädagogische Leiterin

Daniela Spälti erlangte einen Masterabschluss in Deutsch und Geschichte sowie ein Lehrdiplom für Maturitätsschulen. Sie verfügt über langjährige Unterrichtserfahrung mit Jugendlichen und Erwachsenen und hat auch schon Lektionen in Deutsch als Fremdsprache erteilt. Besonders gut gefallen ihr Schreibtrainings, in welchen sie den Schülerinnen und Schülern helfen kann, ihre Ideen aufs Papier zu bringen. Deshalb unterrichtet sie ergänzend zu ihrer Tätigkeit als pädagogische Leiterin immer noch sehr gerne.

Coach Profil von Daniela Spälti

Pädagogischer Leiter David Heil

David Heil

Pädagogischer Leiter

David Heil gelangte im Quereinstieg zum Unterrichten. Neben dem Studium der Literatur und Philosophie unterrichtete er während drei Jahren an einer Privatschule eine Sek-I-Klasse auf Basis von individuellen Wochenplänen. Mit seiner Auffassung von Unterricht als gezielte Förderung unterschiedlichster Schülerinnen und Schüler, sowie von Lernen als etwas gleichermassen Schönes wie Stärkendes arbeitet er inzwischen seit einigen Jahren mit grossem Einsatz und ansteckender Freude an und in unseren Langgymnasium-Kursen sowie im Einzelunterricht.

Coach Profil von David Heil

Coach Tobias Geisler

Tobias Geisler

Jodok Vieli studiert Informatik und ist seit 2014 als Coach für Mathematik und Informatik bei LearningCulture tätig. Sein erstes Programm hat er mit 17 Jahren geschrieben, seither hat ihn die Begeisterung fürs Programmieren nicht mehr losgelassen. Er ist davon überzeugt, dass jeder ein wenig programmieren können sollte. "Auch wer nur mit den grundlegenden Konzepten vertraut ist, sieht die Welt mit anderen Augen."

Our Coaches Will Take Care of the Realization.

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