Balz Müller

Certified High School Teacher, lic. phil.

Tutor Balz Müller

Balz Müller is our pedagogical director, but he also enjoys teaching. Teaching is his passion and in addition to his specialist knowledge he contributes his experience as a Gymnasium teacher and principal.

"Already in my Gymi time I knew that I would study my two favourite subjects, German and History, and I would take up training as a Gymnasium teacher. This way I turned my hobbies - literature and language as well as history and politics - into my profession."

Unterrichtet in den Fächern

To me, teaching the German language means making the rules of grammar understandable and using examples in practical text production.
Teaching history is reducing the significant events of history to fundamental questions and linking them together.

Lehr- und Arbeitserfahrungen

since 2017
Pedagogical Director and Coach at LearningCulture
since 1985
Teaching and tutoring at various Gymnasien in Switzerland in the Matura, Abitur and IB courses


since 2006
Management positions at various international schools in Switzerland. Among others as principal at the Lyceum Alpinum in Zuoz and Institut Montana in Zug.
Studies of German and History at the University of Berne (final grade 5.5) and higher teaching qualification (final grade 5.5)
„Dear Mr Müller. Elisa is delighted with the Gymi-preparation and very motivated. We are very happy about that! Thank you very much for your efforts and the efforts of the entire team. Best wishes, Family Romer“

Family Romer, Kurzgymi Entrance Exam Preparation Course 2018/19


with Balz Müller

What fascinates you most about your subjects?

The curricula for German leave a lot of scope for teachers in Switzerland. It gives me great pleasure to fill this with current texts that are exciting for young people. The interest of young people changes over time, which is why teachers are faced with the challenge of constantly finding new texts and methods that fascinate and inspire further thinking.

How do you spend your spare time?

In order to balance my professional activity, I do a good hour of sport every day if possible. Be it general fitness, jogging, mountain biking, swimming or in winter cross-country skiing and skiing. I also enjoy reading contemporary literature or following political events, especially in Switzerland.

What do you expect from your students?

Pupils must be open-minded and have a certain curiosity. I consider it one of my tasks as a teacher to really motivate and inspire you for my subjects. Mutual fair play and respect are fundamental attitudes that make positive interaction and thus successful learning possible.

What do you want your students to take along?

Error-free, target-oriented writing is a basic skill that even Gymnasium students do not always take for granted. Universities or future employers expect young people to be able to communicate adequately, correctly and in a structured manner, both orally and in writing, in their mother tongue. I would like to impart this essential ability to all my students.