Dr. Manuel Bollag

Certified High School Teacher, lic. phil.

Tutor Dr. Manuel Bollag

Manuel Bollag is one of our most experienced coaches and has been part of our team since 2013. Languages are his passion and good essays are his specialty. Parents and students alike value his work.

"Private lessons allow me to respond to individual students and their needs. I get to know them and their environment, which is often crucial for success. These opportunities are not available to me at the Gymnasium because group management is in the foreground there. Therefore, private tuition is a beautiful and meaningful addition to school lessons in my opinion."

Unterrichtet in den Fächern

Studies and doctorate. Still his greatest passion
Several years of professional experience in marketing and PR
15 years of work and studies in the US and the UK (including 300-page dissertation)
Long stays in Paris and Geneva, also translation work

Lehr- und Arbeitserfahrungen

Since 2016
Internships, substitutes and teaching positions at Gymnasien
Since 2001
Work in PR, marketing and copywriting
Since 1999
Work as a tutor. Since 2014 also at LearningCulture


Teacher training for Maturitätsschulen, including additional vocational education qualification (IFE, Zurich)
PhD in British and French Colonial History (King´s College London)
„Leon enjoyed his time with Mr. Bollag extremely, although it was actually about his not very beloved subject French. The exchange was a great enrichment for Leon and also for us! Leon has regained access to French through Mr Bollags' enjoyment of the language. Thank you so much for your great work!“

Sonja Portmann, Fluntern, mother of a Sekundarschule student


with Dr. Manuel Bollag

What do you expect from your students?

Commitment, will, honesty, punctuality and a certain discipline. You can't do it without these attributes. Everything else is my job.

What fascinates you most about your subjects?

I lived abroad for a long time and could practise foreign languages there. I have also been reading English, French and Spanish books and magazines on a daily basis for years. Languages are a gateway to other cultures. Additionally, I like writing and still do it professionally. Helping to plan, structure and write a text can be very satisfying. As far as history is concerned, even as a primary school student I was fascinated by it and devoured books until late into the night. This fascination was also the driving force behind my studies and doctorate. Hardly any other subject is so easy to present lively and in an interesting way.

How do you spend your spare time?

I've played tennis for years and also give lessons myself. I also practise inline skating, cross-country skiing, skiing/snowboarding and hiking. If there's any time left, I enjoy drawing and cooking as well.

What do you want your students to take along?

That bad grades or school difficulties do not mean the end of the world or are actually normal. That diligence, dedication, tenacity and discipline make up for a lot. And that in today's Swiss education system, many paths lead to the goal.