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Nicole Rüede

Certified Primary School Teacher

Tutor Nicole Rüede

Nicole Rüede wanted to become a teacher while still at school and has since fulfilled this dream. "The sparkle of understanding" in the eyes of her students is an important driving force for her work.

Unterrichtet in den Fächern

Mathematics is always logical. 1 + 1 is 2, without exceptions. That's why I like mathematics a lot and like teaching it.
Language is the means of expressing our thoughts and views. It creates bridges between people.
The playful use of language at primary school level supports the joy of learning a foreign language. I would have liked to have learned English that way.

Lehr- und Arbeitserfahrungen

2017 - 2020
Coach and Pedagogical Co-Director at LearningCulture, Zurich
Since 2009:
Class teacher, English teacher and Schulische Heilpädagogin at various Primarschulen in the Canton of Aargau
2001 - 2009:
Administrator and Deputy Head of Customer Service at SBB, Zurich


since 2017:
Masterstudium in Educational Sciences, Uni Basel
2016 - 2017
Basic qualification as a practical instructor, FHNW Brugg-Windisch
2006 - 2010:
Bachelor's degree in Primary Education, FHNW Zofingen
„Frau Rüede kann alles so gut erklären, dass ich nachher immer draus komme.“

Jasmine, Zürich, Schülerin, 6. Primarklasse


with Nicole Rüede

What fascinates you most about your subjects?

As a primary school teacher I teach all subjects except textile handicrafts. I like this variety very much about my job. As a coach at LearningCulture I mainly teach the subjects German and Math, as these are relevant for the Gymi exam. I find it fulfilling to work with the students towards a goal, to focus on it together and to provide them with strategies.

How do you spend your spare time?

I usually spend my free time with my pets in my big garden. With my dog Lain I am on the road 2 hours a day. When I lie on the sofa in the evening, my cat Nia keeps me company. On Sundays I enjoy fine 3-minute eggs for breakfast, which were laid by our 4 chickens. And when I am under stress, I enjoy the slowness of my 4 turtles and relax. If there is still time, I play volleyball, read a book or travel to other countries.

What do you expect from your students?

Learning = ability x will x permission! Learning works when pupils can and want to and are allowed to learn. If one of these factors is 0, the total equation is 0, which means that learning success is not possible. When a child goes to school or comes to LearningCulture, the requirement " permission " is already fulfilled. If a child has difficulties with the " ability " factor, then it is my job to support them in it. However, the "want" factor must come from the student. That's what I expect from them. No more - but also no less!

What do you want your students to take along?

Sometimes detours lead to the goal. Of course, one wishes to reach the goal in the straightest possible way and I am happy to support the children in this project. But if it doesn't work, you shouldn't bury your head in the sand but look for the next target instead. Everyone has to endure defeats. It is important not to remain on the ground, but to stand up and look for alternatives. This strengthens the personality. You may arrive at your destination later, but mostly stronger, more mature and more experienced!