Offer packages and fees

LearningCulture is your contact for a comprehensive service in education, schools and learning. From primary school to studies in higher education, we will be there to give support to our school students, with a focus on individuality, flexibility and competence.


Private tuition, guidance and group courses

Private tuitionper 45 minutes87.-
per 60 minutes140.-
Programming Courses
  from 580.-

Overview of our offer packages

Private tuition

We provide professional individual tuition in Zürich, Central Switzerland and Basel. Our offer package for tuition encompasses support in everyday school life, in addition to specific preparation for exams or the move to secondary school, grammar school or higher education. The distinguishing feature of individual tuition is total flexibility: it will be your choice as to when, where and how often tuition should be given. Our coaches will be happy to come to your home, or will make you welcome at our premises in Zürich

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Support for university and "matura" studies

As universities and grammar schools often do not provide adequate support, our experts are at your disposal – whether you need assistance in the planning and structuring of your dissertation, the writing process or the final proofreading and use of using feedback to make amendments. This support can be arranged, as required, via telephone or Skype, by email or in person.

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Psychological learning guidance 

Where subject-specific professional tuition reaches its limits, systemic learning guidance oriented towards neuropsychology begins. If your child is having difficulty concentrating (as with ADHD), or has trouble starting a task, let alone finishing it, or experiences a sudden crash in school performance, we will provide you with interdisciplinary guidance. 

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School guidance and level assessments

Not sure where you or your child stand on anything school-related? Or are you worried that the teaching staff at your child’s school are not covering the learning material necessary for the grammar school entrance examination? Our level assessment consists of standardised tests and an individual session with one of our experienced coaches. 

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Group courses 

We ensure that our courses fill gaps in understanding, cover the learning material relevant to examinations and send students to their exams feeling confident and well prepared. 

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Group language courses 

We also run group courses in German (as a second language), English, French and Italian. We will be happy to run these courses on your premises. Please speak to us for a no-obligation offer package. 

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