School Counselling – On the Right Way to Success

Langgymnasium, Kurzgymnasium or rather BMS? Public school or private school? The Swiss school system offers many options, but this also creates a lot of uncertainty. Our school counselling will help you find the right way for your child.

We will answer all of your questions:

  • What educational level is your child on?

  • Will your child be able to pass the entrance exam?

  • How can you support the preparation for the exam?

  • Which options do you have?

  • Which type of school fits the individual needs of your child?

  • Which type of school should you choose as a person who immigrated to Switzerland?

The answers to the questions will help you navigate the sea of different schools and degrees.

Individual Evaluation and Consultation

Let one of our experts explain the system to you in a detailed conversation and show you the best options.

Determination of the right location

School grades aren’t the only way of judging which form of education is the best for your child. The differences between the cantons and also between the schools can be rather large. That’s why we will assess the level of your child’s knowledge in a short test.

Situation analysis

We will analyse your current situation and listen to what options you have already considered. Academic performances aren’t the only relevant factor for the decision, you should also take into account things like your child’s circle of friends, personal goals and the education path so far.  

Explanation of the system

During the consultation, you can ask us all the questions you might still have about the education system.

You might not even be aware of some of the possible education paths yet. We will show you all of the options that you have at your disposal.

Our school recommendation

The final decision obviously lies with you and your child. But we will at least tell you which option we think fits your child best and make a recommendation.

Furthermore, we will be happy to consult you on ways you can support your child on the chosen path in an optimal way.