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FMS Exam Preparation
in Zurich

After the 9th grade, Sekundarschule students can attend the FMS (Fachmittelschule). To do this, they must first pass the Zentrale Aufnahmeprüfung, which tests their knowledge in German, maths and French. The latter must be above average in order to pass the exam.

With the well-proven and successful LearningCulture FMS course programme, we provide our students with the knowledge and confidence they need to achieve this ambitious goal.

Exceptional situation / Coronavirus: Our courses are taking place on site and in person.

Our FMS Courses

FMS All-in-One

The comprehensive all-in-one FMS preparation course prepares students specifically for the tasks and topics of the entrance exam. The course consists of two parts in each subject: Grundlagen (basics) and Prüfungstraining (exam preparation). In the Grundlagen part, the subject material from Sekundarschule is refreshed and any existing gaps in their knowledge is filled. In the Prüfungstraining part, the focus is entirely on the exam-relevant topics and question types.

The course comprises a total of 64 lessons for optimal preparation in all three examination subjects: Mathematics, German, French.

Further Information

  • Class size: maximum of 6 students
  • Teaching material is included (two books per subject)
  • Homework: 60 minutes per subject
  • Teaching material is included.
  • Preparation for the exam in March 2022

Course Locations

Would you like to learn more about our coaches, speak with our pedagogical director, Balz Müller, or have a look at our course documents? Do you have any further questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Dates and Courses


Samstag, 08:45 - 12:00
Zürich Stadelhofen
09/04/2021 - 02/12/2022
2990 Fr.

Samstag, 08:45 - 12:00
Zürich Stadelhofen
10/02/2021 - 02/12/2022
2990 Fr.

Samstag, 13:30 - 16:45
Zürich Stadelhofen
10/02/2021 - 02/12/2022
2990 Fr.

Intensive Courses during the Sportferien
(Incl. mock exam)

During the Sportferien, we offer 5-day intensive courses with a mock exam. The first two days are used for the mock exam under real conditions. After that, the tests are discussed in all three subjects and the following topics are repeated and practiced:

  • German: Structure of the three essay types, sentence structure with comma rules, direct/indirect speech, active/passive voice, tenses, and parts of speech, as well as sentence parts.
  • Mathematics: Transformations, equations, set tasks, Pythagoras, and surfaces.
  • *French: Solution strategies for reading comprehension, partitive articles, verbs, and pronouns.Pronomen.

* A complaint was filed against the Governing Council’s decision of 3rd April 2019. The entrance examination in the school year 2021 is carried out according to the old regulations including French.

Further Information

  • Class size: Maximum of 6 students
  • Subjects: Mathematics, German, French*
  • Teaching material is included.
  • Preparation for the examination in March 2022
  • Homework: Approx. 60 minutes per subject and per day of the course

Course Location

Individual meeting included

The teachers are available to answer any questions before and after the lesson. After the course, we also offer the chance to discuss the results of the mock exam and the prospect of the remaining exam preparation with our pedagogical director Balz Müller.

Dates and Courses

Intensive Courses

Mo - Fr, 13:30 - 16:45
Zürich Stadelhofen
02/14/2022 - 02/18/2022
950 Fr.

Mo - Fr, 13:30 - 16:45
Zürich Stadelhofen
02/21/2022 - 02/25/2022
950 Fr.

Theme Courses during the School Vacations

For a more in-depth study of the subjects German, French, and mathematics we recommend our Kurzgymi theme courses, which correspond to the level of the FMS exam:
Kurzgymi Theme Courses

Dates and Courses

There are currently no courses available in this category.

Alle FMS-Kurstypen

What makes our courses stand out?

Our own Professional Teaching Material

LearningCulture Lehrmittel BMS MathematikWe use our BMS teaching material as the basis for the FMS courses, as the requirements for the BMS exam and the FMS exam are the same in many respects. Additional material is used, which is perfectly matched to the FMS. This allows us to offer a course tailored specifically to the FMS, its exam requirements and its exam dates on 8th and 9th March 2021.

Take a look at our FMS teaching material:

Course Instructors

All our teachers are selected according to the LearningCulture Quality Guidelines and trained on the current requirements of the exam by our pedagogical director, Balz Müller. The coaches selected to teach the FMS courses are very familiar with the FMS examination requirements and can motivate students to perform at their best.

Especially for the 9th grade age group, it is very important to develop a sense of team spirit in order to be able to achieve the set goal of passing the FMS exam by learning together.

Meet some of our FMS course instructors, representing our FMS team:

Elena EreminElena Eremin – Mathematics

Thanks to her experience as a teacher with additional training in special education, Elena, who has a master’s degree in Pedagogy, is extremely patient and precise when it comes to teaching difficult theory. For students at all levels, she always has a helpful explanation at hand when the variables become a bit of word jumble for them.

Christopher StübiChris Stübi – French
Chris who is studying for a bachelor’s degree in Theology and French, grew up bilingual, loves languages and is a multilingual talent. He has a good feel for what goes on in the head when learning languages and, in his sociable, open-minded manner, likes to help students untie knots and discover the language. He already has a teaching position at the Literargymnasium Rämibühl.
Balz MüllerBalz Müller – German
Balz has many years of experience as a teacher and headmaster at renowned private schools including Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz and Institut Montana Zugerberg. He is not only responsible for our course programmes and the training of our coaches, but also teaches German with great joy and enthusiasm in several FMS courses.

Communication & Transparency

Communication with you as parents is very important to us. After the first few days of the course, you will receive initial feedback from our pedagogical directors on your child's level of performance and commitment. More feedback will be given in the middle of the course and final feedback is given at the end of the course.

Small Classes

Personal feedback has the greatest impact and really motivates our students. For this reason, all course participants are individually supervised by the coaches and are closely supported if they have any difficulties in understanding. The coaches also closely monitor the performance and progress of all students. To make this possible, we have limited the maximum size of our courses to six participants.

10% Rabatt auf Privatlektionen

For all students who want to learn more, we have a special offer: All course participants receive a 10% discount on our private tuition.

Customer Testimonials

To ensure and continuously improve the quality of our courses, we rely on feedback from parents. However, we also regularly ask our students what they think of our teaching. Some of the feedback can be read below:
„Die Lehrer sind super nett und immer offen für alle Fragen. Sind alle sehr hilfsbereit und du lernst viel. Überhaupt keine Beschwerden, es ist grossartig!“

Rachel Norrie, Sekundarschülerin, FMS-Vorbereitungskurs 2020/21 (Google Review)

„First and foremost, our daughter Livia passed the entrance exam to the FMS! We are totally delighted :-) The preparation course helped Livia a lot. The atmosphere was always pleasant, and the teachers were helpful and kind. The last two Saturdays in particular were extremely valuable. She was able to ask questions and filled any gaps in her knowledge. She also found the class size ideal. We found the organisation to be very good, the feedback from the teachers to Livia and us parents very prompt, motivating and easy to understand.“

Jeannine Hottiger, mother of Livia, KG preparation course, March 2019

„Great, competent teachers; small group was an advantage; great atmosphere; good organisation and easy-to-understand textbooks.“

Selina Gulmini, BMS preparation course, February 2020

„Our son prepared for the IMS entrance exam at the Kantonsschule Hottingen with LearningCulture. The coach analysed his level of maths and German well and filled any gaps in our son’s knowledge. As parents, we were very satisfied with the system, the good scheduling in the given time frame and the communication. We also really appreciated the support for tasks at home and the advice on how to help our child. All in all, it was a well-rounded course and our son passed his test with flying colours.“

Jörg Dietz, IMS private course in maths and German, December 2019