School is fun again!

Nadja – Gymi-Student from Zurich

Reaching personal goals through tutoring

It is often not possible for schools to address the individual needs of single students. During our tutoring sessions, we take the time to do so.

Our coaches help the students overcome challenges and reach their goals.

We create a learning culture

Our fantastic team of coaches helps students understand the school material and to apply it in exams in a confident way. At the same time, they impart our learning culture to the student.

We don’t see learning as a tiresome obligation, but rather as a great opportunity and the key to personal success.

Learning brings a special sense of achievement every time a personal goal is reached.

We will show the students how they can set ambitious but realistic goals and help them reach them.

But even if it doesn’t work out at times, we will support them with a positive, constructive attitude and appropriate praise for their efforts. In line with our motto:

Success in School Through Self-Confidence.

Which subject shall it be?

Better foreign language skills? No more problems with maths? Finally answering all the questions of biology? LearningCulture offers tutoring for all the important subjects.


A strong command of one’s own as well as foreign languages is helpful in every-day life and for the professional career. Our coaches offer help for German, French, English, Italian and Spanish.


Maths, informatics and the natural sciences (physics, chemistry and biology) are subjects that often cause problems. Our coaches will prove to you that these subjects can be learned like all others.

Additional subjects

Obviously, we also offer tutoring for history, geography, law, accounting, special professional knowledge, medicine and many other subjects.

This is what distinguishes our coaches

Tutoring without good coaches doesn’t work. We are absolutely convinced of the quality of our coaches. Besides their technical, pedagogical and personal qualities, they are bringing one thing in particular: Enthusiasm for the lessons and learning.

Mr Bollag studied history and subsequently took a doctorate; he is currently training at the University of Zürich to become a grammar school teacher. He is highly thought of by students, their parents and the...

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Tutor Nicole Rüede

Nicole Rüede

Dipl. Primarlehrerin

Nicole Rüede wollte schon in der Schulzeit Lehrerin werden und hat sich inzwischen diesen Traum erfüllt. “Das Funkeln des Verstehens” in den Augen ihrer Schülerinnen und Schüler ist für sie ein wichtiger Antrieb bei der...

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Tutor Ramon Braunwart

Ramon Braunwart

MSc ETH (i.A.)

Ramon ist unser Coach der Wahl, wenn es um Mathematik ab Ende Primar bis Matura geht. Seine Freude und Faszination für Mathematik ist spürbar und ermöglicht zusammen mit seiner motivierenden Art eine entspannte, aber trotzdem...

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Quality Guarantee

To be translated: Wir garantieren für die hohe Qualität unserer Coaches. Um diese sicherzustellen, führen wir im dreistufigen Rekrutierungsprozess eine sorgfältige Prüfung der Qualifikationen durch, auf fachlicher, pädagogischer und auch persönlicher Ebene. Auch nach der Einstellung treffen sich unsere Coaches regelmässig zur Supervision mit dem Pädagogischen Leiter und nehmen an Aus- und Weiterbildungskursen teil.

The way to your personal coach

Not satisfied with your grades? The lessons at school are too general? In the mood for even more education? Then you need LearningCulture.

Send us a non-binding request via phone, email or contact form.

From other 30 coaches, we will choose the one that fits your personal and technical needs the best.

The trial lesson: Is the coach really a good fit or should we make a new suggestion?

Now things are getting serious. At the agreed dates, it is time for some learning – with full devotion, high aspirations, clear goals and maximum success. At your home or in our facilities.

At the end of each month, we will send out an invoice for all of the effectively performed lessons. No minimum amount of hours. No hidden costs. Super easy.

Success in school through self-confidence: Another successful student with the right learning culture.

Our students know that the tutoring is effective:

„Ms Stadelmann could motivate our daughter very well and has strengthened her confidence. Nadine has always enjoyed working with Ms Stadelmann. We will gladly come back at you.”

Family Wüthrich, Zug

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Are you interested in better grades and the self-confident development of school knowledge? Then contact us to arrange a lesson with one of our fantastic coaches. Our tutoring is available in Zurich, Basel and Central Switzerland.