Private Tuition – Receive an offer easily.

Great to see that you are interested in our private tuition services. Following your request, we elicit the right coach for you, and send you a personal profile of this coach, including a picture. This service is free of charge. Once you have decided on a coach, we organize a first lesson together. A lesson of 45 minutes costs 93 CHF.

Thanks to the completed form we can make you a coach suggestion.

Of course, we take your request as well by email to or by telephone: 044 520 81 19.

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Coach Vorschlag per E-Mail

Wir werden uns innert 1 - 2 Tagen per E-Mail mit einem Coach- und Terminvorschlag bei Ihnen melden. Dann können Sie entscheiden, ob Ihnen der Coach zusagt und Sie einen ersten Termin wahrnehmen möchten.

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