Tutoring – Latin

Even though Latin is a dead language, it remains relevant for many subjects such as medicine. In addition, Latin lessons can help improve the understanding for grammatical structures of other languages.

Three good reasons for Latin tutoring from LearningCulture

Professional coaches

Learning vocabulary or practising grammar? Our coaches find the right learning methods for motivating the students for these rather boring tasks. With this approach, even Tacitus and Seneca can be fun.

Pedagogic concept

Teaching without a plan? Not with us. Our tutoring follows a clear concept that is adjusted based on the individual requirements of the students and helps the coaches manage any situation.

Long-lasting learning success

Our tutoring accomplishes two things: We improve the grade in the next test with exercises on grammar and spelling and ensure long-lasting success by explaining the fundamental structures and methods.

Tutoring with learning culture

The tutoring from LearningCulture helps students understand the school material and apply it in exams in a confident way. At the same time, our coaches impart our learning culture to the student.

We don’t see learning as a tiresome obligation, but rather as a great opportunity and the key to personal success.

Learning brings a special sense of achievement every time a personal goal is reached.

We will show the students how they can set ambitious but realistic goals and help them reach them.

But even if it doesn’t work out at times, we will support them with a positive, constructive attitude and appropriate praise for their efforts. In line with our motto:

Success in School Through Self-Confidence.

This is what distinguishes our coaches

Tutoring without good coaches simply doesn’t work. We are absolutely convinced of the quality of our coaches. Besides their technical, pedagogical and personal qualities, they are bringing one thing in particular: Enthusiasm for the Latin language and the lessons. This enthusiasm is also transferred to the student.