Learning guidance – developing potential.

What is learning guidance?

As an interdisciplinary service, we offer psychological-pedagogical learning guidance.

New: We offer our services integrated as a part of Lernpraxis.

Children and youth who are confronted with learning and school difficulties will receive help for controlling their problems in the form of learning guidance.

But learning guidance is also recommended for all other students. That’s because it uses efficient learning strategies to teach them how to improve their learning success further.

The primary goal of our learning guidance is always the strengthening of the confidence in the student’s own competency and capability.  

When is Learning Guidance Appropriate?

  • Does your child have trouble concentrating?
  • Is it hard for him or her to begin an activity, let alone finish it?
  • Is your child experiencing a sudden drop in performance at school?
  • Is your child held back from achieving learning success by a lack of motivation and/or blockades to learning?
  • Is your child experiencing intense stress before exams?
  • Are successes failing to materialize, despite extensive learning efforts and/or professional tutoring?
  • Do you wish to impart the best learning strategies to your child?
  • Does your child have big goals and wants to start realizing them with the help of professional support?

In these and similar situations, we want to help by setting your child on a path of discovering his or her learning potential and developing a high degree of self-responsibility through the newly-discovered competency. This can also contribute to your child regaining courage and joy in his or her own abilities and to develop a positive attitude towards performance situations.

How does learning guidance work?

Initial assessment

Starting things off is an extensive initial conversation in which we analyse the current school situation and the learning environment of the child together. First we develop an understanding of your child’s current development on a cognitive and socio-emotional level. In addition, we look at your child’s previous learning behaviour and use the gained insights to uncover possible causes for the learning and school difficulties in a solution- and resource-oriented way. At the end of the initial assessment, we will therefore have formulated goals for a successful learning coaching or for a learning therapy in case of long-term mentoring.

Learning coaching

On the basis of the initial assessment, we will focus on the targeted learning coaching that is oriented for the short- or medium-term, in order for your your child to discover his or her individual learning competency.

We will help your child with efficient learning strategies and techniques and support him or her in realizing an organized planning and learning behaviour. In addition, we will teach relaxation techniques for breaks from learning and encourage holistic learning.

In this way, your child will develop the ability to learn efficiently and with passion, all on his or her own.


Learning therapy

For children with AD(H)S, difficulties in reading or writing or arithmetical difficulties, it often makes sense to choose long-term mentoring, which we offer in form of an intensive learning therapy, in order to be able to address the needs of the child in a targeted manner.

What Are the Basics of Learning Guidance?

Our competency is based on current scientific knowledge in learning from developmental psychology and the neurosciences. We combine these with our own pedagogic experiences and the systemic perspective, the comprehensive view of the child’s learning environment.

Besides this offering of internal psychological-pedagogical learning guidance, we are connected to further medical competence centres in Zurich, so that we can offer further therapeutic support in addition to learning guidance if it is needed.

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